GEMSA Business Support
Business Services is GEMSA’s primary offering, including our business strategic and financial management consulting, systems design, development, integration and applications deployment.

Every business is in a global competition in the internet era and must adapt to rapid change and respond to the shift in customer needs and expectations by taking advantage of state-of-the art technology.

GEMSA Strategic Business Services can help you plan to navigate through the ongoing changes and increasing complexities of globalization. GEMSA support will help your business respond to market needs and customer demands to capitalize on new business opportunities ahead of your competition.

Your partnership with GEMSA means more than keeping up with the latest E-Commerce evolutions and incorporation of the latest in business and technology — it means staying at the forefront of Virtual Commerce and innovation in your field and leadership in your business segment.

Our Strategists have decades of experience working with and developing strategies for leading Fortune 100 companies in the world. Contact us today to take a quantum leap forward in your strategic planning.

GEMSA Strategic Consulting
While traditional businesses are organized and structured along the products and services development, delivery and support offerings, many modern business are virtual in nature and transaction focused. This means most traditional businesses have significant investment in fixed assets and people while most modern businesses are primarily invested in intellectual property and systems that implement them and can be operated with less skilled and experienced personnel.

As a result, GEMSA’s business strategy and development services are structured differently to cater to the needs of the both traditional and modern businesses. GEMSA offers Strategic Planning, Business Development and International Finance services to address the business needs of its partners and clients as described below.

GEMSA Strategic Management
• Feasibility Analysis of Products and Services (old and new)
• Evaluation of Potential Merger and Acquisitions (Vertical and Horizontal)
• Design and Development of New Products and Services
• Strategic Partnerships and Venture Development
• Strategic Alliances
• Franchising or Multiple Centre Operations
• IP Litigation Strategy and Management
• Local and Global IP Planning Strategy
• Systems Integration and Consolidation Strategy

GEMSA Business Development (organic or synthetic)
• Deal Advice and Negotiations
• Merger and Acquisitions Advice
• Demerger and Spinoff Evaluations
• Business Partnerships
• Development Ventures
• Business Alliances
• IP Litigation Advice and Management
• Local and Global IP Development and Protection
• Systems Study and Review

International Finance and Financial/Import/Export/IP
• Study and Evaluation of Financial Positions and Records
• Evaluation of Alternative Modes of Financing
• Venture and Partnership Finance Evaluation
• Cost of Ownerships Study
• Alternatives Sources of Funding Comparison and Selection Advice
• Import and Export; Planning, Customs, Shipping/Receiving and Storage

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